How to reduce Varicocele symptoms without surgery?

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is the name for dilated testicular blood vessels and occurs as a result of an anatomical malformation of the inflow of testicular veins into larger veins. It is most often a varicose vein of the left, and possibly both testicles (in 2% of cases).

It most often occurs in patients who engage in strenuous physical work, active athletes and recreationists, and in patients who have varicose veins in the family. It occurs in one in six men, most often at a younger age, but its occurrence later is not excluded.

Varicocele develops over a long period of time. If it is present for a long time and is not treated, it can lead to testicular shrinkage.

How to cure varicocele naturally-get-rid-off-varicocele symptoms natural treatment
How to cure varicocele naturally

What are the symptoms of Varicocele?

Varicocele often does not produce any symptoms. Rarely, it can cause pain that ranges from dull discomfort to sharp pain.

The pain increases when sitting, standing, or during physical exertion, especially during long periods and during the day. Usually, the pain subsides in the supine position.

Over time, the varicocele may increase and become more pronounced.

Is Varicocele dangerous?

In itself, it is not life-threatening. The danger is the consequences after varicocele in the absence of treatment.

Due to this, the size of the testicles changes, asymmetry occurs, which is visible to the naked eye in later stages.

Is surgery the only way to get rid of Varicocele?

Treatment of varicocele is not necessary unless the varicocele causes a pathological seminogram, severe pain, disturbances in work and walking, and in children with grade III and small testicular volume.

The method of treatment is operative or radiological embolization of the testicular vein. After varicocele surgery, in an average of 60 to 70% of patients, the seminogram improves by 20% to 60%. Because spermatogenesis lasts 72 days, the first results of increased fertility can be expected only 3 to 4 months after surgery.

There are currently no drugs that can effectively treat varicocele. Most people with varicocele do not need treatment. Patients undergoing varicocele surgery due to poorer sperm motility have statistically improved fertilization.

What are the best natural ways to reduce Varicocele symptoms?

Varicocele is a complex disease that affects men under certain factors. The veins in the scrotum are dilated and there is a constant dull pain, which increases with the development of the disease.

In the later stages, it is impossible to cure varicocele without surgery, both with drugs and with folk methods of treatment. But if the disease has not yet reached a critical form, you can reduce the symptoms without surgery.

Some of the natural methods to reduce the symptoms of varicocele:
– a balanced diet with the exception of foods that adversely affect the blood vessels of the human body;
– regular, dosed physical activity;
– no lifting of excess weights;
– stop consuming nicotine and ethanol in any form;
– control of stool regularity;
– regular sex life;
– correctly calculated drinking diet (30 ml per 1 kg of weight), control of the total volume of blood in the circulation;
– wearing special, elastic underwear that supports the scrotum;
– strict implementation of doctor’s recommendations, annual medical examination.

If conservative methods fail, surgery is needed.

What is the best underwear for Varicocele?

One of the best ways to reduce varicocele symptoms is to wear breathable and lightweight underwear that provides support to the scrotum.
Boxer briefs are a much better choice than classic briefs because they provide the necessary ventilation and temperature reduction. We have already stated in the text that maintaining a low temperature in the scrotum is one of the most important goals in the natural treatment of varicocele. The best way to reduce the temperature in the scrotum and testicles is to wear underwear that is breathable and allows air to flow freely through the fabric.

Our recommendation are specially designed boxer briefs for varicocele. You can see more about therapeutic underwear at this link.

Varicocele Underwear Breathable Boxers

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  1. Treatment of varicocele isn’t required except if the varicocele causes an obsessive seminogram, extreme agony, unsettling influences in work and strolling, and in youngsters with grade III and little testicular volume.

    The strategy for treatment is usable or radiological embolization of the testicular vein. After varicocele medical procedure, in a normal of 60 to 70% of patients, the seminogram improves by 20% to 60%. Since spermatogenesis keeps going 72 days, the principal consequences of expanded fruitfulness can be relied upon just a short time after a medical procedure.

    There are presently no medications that can viably treat varicocele. The vast majority with varicocele needn’t bother with treatment. Patients going through varicocele medical procedure because of less fortunate sperm motility have measurably further developed treatment.


    Varicocele is an unpredictable infection that influences men under specific variables. The veins in the scrotum are expanded and there is a steady dull aggravation, which increments with the improvement of the sickness.

    In the later stages, it is difficult to fix varicocele without medical procedure, both with drugs and with society techniques for therapy. However, in the event that the illness has not yet arrived at a basic structure, you can decrease the indications without medical procedure.

    A portion of the normal techniques to diminish the side effects of varicocele:

    – a fair eating regimen except for food varieties that unfavorably influence the veins of the human body;

    – normal, dosed actual work;

    – no lifting of overabundance loads;

    – quit devouring nicotine and ethanol in any structure;

    – control of stool routineness;

    – normal sexual coexistence;

    – accurately determined drinking diet (30 ml for each 1 kg of weight), control of the complete volume of blood in the dissemination;

    – wearing unique, versatile clothing that upholds the scrotum;

    – severe execution of specialist’s suggestions, yearly clinical assessment.

    In the event that traditionalist strategies fizzle, medical procedure is required.

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