What Happens if Varicocele is Left Untreated?

Varicocele may not show significant discomfort and pain, but in the long run, this disease leads to a number of complications that negatively affect the functioning of the male reproductive system.

What happens if untreated varicocele? What does this affect? What threatens? One way or another, later varicose veins in men negatively affect reproductive function. Loss of thermoregulatory ability and increase in scrotal temperature create an unfavorable environment for sperm functioning and increase the likelihood of defective germ cells.

If varicocele is not treated, diseases such as orchitis and hydrocele will occur, which also have a negative effect on reproductive functions.

It negatively affects the ability to conceive a child and the general lack of nutrient flow associated with reduced blood circulation with varicose veins.

But varicocele does not always lead to infertility. If the male sperm itself is resistant to harmful effects, then the lack of oxygen and overheating of the scrotum will not lead to a complete loss of their ability to fertilize.

What Happens if Varicocele is Left Untreated

Does the disease affect male fertility?

Doctors found it difficult to answer this question, as childless couples rarely agree to participate in various types of experiments. However, research results have shown that 40% of men have infertility as a result of varicocele.

Doctors have not yet studied the mechanism of the effect of this disease on male fertility. It is only known that the enlargement of the veins causes a disturbance of the thermoregulatory function of the scrotum, which prevents the normal production of sperm.

Also, the disease lowers testosterone levels.

What are the expected consequences and complications if varicocele is not treated

Varicocele disease has the ability to flow almost asymptomatically. However, the detection of a failure in the urogenital system is a kind of “signal” of the body about the necessary consultation of experts and further examination of the human body. In varicocele, the consequences can be very serious, and in some cases can even lead to infertility. Consider the main results of the course of this disease.

The main consequences of the disease
To date, no consensus has been reached on the mandatory removal of such changes in the male body. The disease usually occurs without visible signs, which in no way affects the vital activity of the whole organism.

There are cases when the operation is performed in childhood or adolescence, even in situations when the disease is asymptomatic. This procedure is performed to prevent and prevent further complications, such as:

  • inability to continue to have children;
  • testicular atrophy;
  • vascular occlusion process;
  • venous node rupture;
  • sagging of the scrotum.

To avoid complications after varicocele, it is necessary to carry out a series of activities related to the elimination of excessive physical exertion, prolonged standing, and bloating. In that case, you should give up long bike or motorcycle ride. If necessary, you can use a suspension. There are also some effects of varicocele, whose complications may manifest only after a long period of time. These include watery testicles, hypotrophy and atrophy, and pain.

Many men relatively often wonder if they should resort to surgical treatment. The answer is in most cases positive since in addition to the above, the main consequences are in changing the appearance of male genitals and venous defects.

This is especially true for those patients who suffer from long-term pain and who want to conceive a child in the near future.

What affects varicocele?

Very often this disease can negatively affect the work of other internal organs. Because harmful organisms and toxins have the ability to move along with blood cells, which leads to the following diseases:

  • gonorrhea – the appearance of pus and the defeat of the glans penis ulcerative formation in the
  • presence of severe pain;
  • orchitis – enlargement of the scrotum, followed by pain in the lower abdomen and testicles;
  • cryptorchidism – a complete lack of ability of the testicles to descend into the scrotum.

In rare cases, the presence of blood in the semen and the appearance of edema or pain may be detected.

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