Will a Varicocele affect my Testosterone?

Varicocele is accompanied by varicose veins in the inguinal region. In a state of neglect, the disease causes the development of complications associated with the work of the genitals. Changing the process of male hormone production. Varicocele and testosterone are in a direct relationship. In contrast to vascular function, it affects the function of the supplements responsible for hormone production. There is often a decrease in testosterone after surgery to remove a dilated vein.

It is known that varicocele (varicose veins above the left testicle) can affect its size as well as male fertility. In principle, the reduction of the testicles is greater, and the production of sperm is worse, the more pronounced the varicocele, ie the veins are more dilated.

Will a Varicocele affect my Testosterone

Recently published results from Weil Cornel Medical College of Cornell University Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, show that patients with varicocele have significantly reduced serum testosterone compared to a control group of healthy men of the same age. After corrective vein ligation surgery, an increase in testosterone is expected in 70% of those operated on. Of this number, testosterone rises to 50% in 41% of patients, 51-100% in 19% of patients, and more than 100% in 10% of patients.

Varicocele in men is a disease in which the vessels that carry blood to the genitals are damaged. If you go deep into the anatomy, the testicles are located in the scrotum, which is held with the help of sperm. These wires access the veins that communicate with the inguinal vein.
Between these veins is a valve that regulates blood flow to the seminal blood vessels. If the valve does not work well, blood accumulates in the spermatic vein, causing it. A damaged vein does not push blood into the inguinal vein, which causes a lot of pathologies.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are very concerned about this question – whether varicocele affects potency, what exactly happens, and how much the disease affects men’s health. The urologist can explain in detail the physiology of the male body, in short, it turns out that potency depends on various factors, for its existence in the body a number of reactions must occur.
For example, when sexual interest occurs, adrenaline is released into the blood, which activates some brain functions. As long as the brain stem is irritated, the impulse is transmitted to the spinal cord.

The nerve endings in the sacral brain transmit signals to the nerve roots of the penis, and the vascular system is activated. As a result, the walls of blood vessels dilate, filling with blood, which enters the cavernous organs. This is how an erection occurs.

The nervous and circulatory systems are responsible for the stability of the erection. With strong arousal, a lot of testosterone enters the bloodstream, causing the prostate gland to secrete a certain amount of semen.

This secretion moves along your vagina as the scrotum veins swell. The swollen vessels press on the testicles, causing the sperm to come out of the testicles and mix with the secretion, turning into sperm. This fluid moves outward along the urethra. If one of the systems responsible for the functioning of the genitals does not work well, impotence occurs.

After treating varicocele, testosterone levels increase

Varicocele is characterized by pathological changes in the structure of blood vessels. During its occurrence, there is a risk of developing reflux – the expulsion of venous blood from the renal vein in the opposite direction (into the testis, not from it). This leads to blood stagnation, which affects the temperature in the testicles.

For the complete process of sperm formation, the temperature in the appendages should be a few degrees below body temperature. Reflux changes the temperature, so sperm rarely shrinks. With this effect on testosterone production.

After successful treatment of the disease, testosterone levels increase. Male fertility becomes the same. The recovery process after surgery takes 3 to 6 months.

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