Can I Get Pregnant if My Husband Has Varicocele?

Why does varicocele occur?

Varicocele is a dilated venous plexus that surrounds the testis, and the appearance of the scrotal cavity of patients with varicocele is often described as a “bag full of worms.” Most urology textbooks recognize varicocele as one of the main causes of male infertility. Varicocele is associated with decreased testicular volume, decreased number, and abnormal sperm motility.

The prevalence of varicocele ranges between 12-15% in the general population and 25-40% in men with an abnormal spermiogram. In men with secondary infertility, varicocele is found in as many as 80% of cases.

What are the symptoms of varicocele?

This disease is varicose veins in the area of ​​the spermatic cord in the plexus. The main symptoms of the pathology are:

– Painful sensations in the groin area;
– Testicular dysfunction;
– Insufficient Quantity and Quality of Sperm;
– Scrotal enlargement;
– Testicular asymmetry.

Does varicocele affect fertility and the ability to conceive?

Can I Get Pregnant if My Husband Has Varicocele
Can I Get Pregnant if My Husband Has Varicocele

At first glance, it can be said that varicocele does not affect infertility. After all, the pathological process initially appears in only one testicle. How can varicose veins affect fertility? The seed production occurs in the testes, so any circulatory disorders in these organs can affect the quantity and quality of semen.

As body temperature rises locally with the development of varicocele, sperm capacity decreases. They can only be produced at low temperatures. This disease causes inadequate blood flow and outflow as a result of varicose veins, which negatively affects local thermoregulation.

At elevated testicular temperatures, sperm cannot survive and their production is suspended.

The advanced phase of varicocele interferes with sperm production, which significantly reduces the number of active sperm.

Can varicocele be cured?

Today, the only adequate form of treatment for varicocele is surgical treatment.

The surgical approach in the treatment of varicocele involves open surgery or, more recently, laparoscopic surgery.

Varicocele surgery should be performed if the following criteria are met:

– ** varicocele palpable on physical examination **
– ** proven spermiogram disorder **
– ** there is proven infertility in the examined couple **
– ** partner has normal fertility or curable cause of infertility **

Is conception possible after surgery?

Even varicose vein removal surgery does not guarantee complete recovery of reproductive function in men! Therefore, treatment must be started as soon as possible after the detection of characteristic signs of varicocele.

In young men, the prognosis for the treatment of this disease is usually positive. This is due to the fact that the young organism is dynamically recovering, the affected cells and tissues are regenerating. Over time, after proper rehabilitation, the affected testicle can function fully.

As for the severity of varicocele, the prognosis is not always favorable in the third and fourth degrees. Sperm activity after treatment was restored in only 70% of men. Otherwise, men remain infertile.

With the development of varicocele in the early stages, infertility is much easier to treat. Complete recovery and viability of sperm are observed in 90% of men.

What are the natural ways to prevent varicocele?

In order to fully recover after varicocele surgery, get rid of infertility, and also avoid recurrence of the disease, a man should take the following preventive measures:

– Completely Abstain from Intimacy During the First Month After Surgery;
– Follow a Balanced Diet, Problems With Excretion Of Feces Can Cause Blood Stagnation In The Pelvic Organs, Which Negatively Affects The Healing Process;
– Avoid Physical Overexertion, Loads During the Rehabilitation Period Should Be Moderate;
– Dedicate Enough Vacation Time;
– Lead a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

And also one needs to get rid of addiction completely, like smoking and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages. Bad habits not only negatively affect the quality of sperm, but also the whole body as a whole.

It is very important that a man with a diagnosed varicocele wears appropriate underwear, which should be wide enough, comfortable, breathable, and allow the heat from the scrotum not to be retained because that can negatively affect the production of sperm. For this reason, we recommend specially designed Varicocele Therapeutic Boxer Briefs. See more about Varicocele Underwear at this link.

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